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Accelerating PROTECTION, EMPOWERMENT, and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for children and families.

Yahweh Foundation is constantly seeking to identify projects and activities that can most effectively support needy children and families in our community and beyond, providing opportunities that can impact them now and for years to come, and to enable them to learn skills and access resources that can have a generational impact on their families and villages. At the same time, we are also seeking to identify ways to move toward increased self-sustainability

We believe, by engaging these children in skills training, we are not only supporting the families, but also making Yahweh Foundation a self-sustaining institution.  

Economic Empowerment 

Economic empowerment is about impacting entire families and villages, not only in the present but for years to come. These activities include our Village Savings, and Borrowing program, Livelihood and Kitchen farming, and marketing activities. The beneficiaries include poverty-stricken families, single mothers, HIV-affected families, war-affected families, and orphans and the families of vulnerable children.


Vocational Skills

Our vocational skill projects are focused on both providing opportunities for youth and single mothers to learn valuable and marketable skills, but also to provide an opportunity for sustainability for Yahweh Foundation for the years to come. These activities include metal fabricating, carpentry workshop, knitting, and more. This program has also provided revenue through producing furniture and school uniforms, which supports our other work.



We assist with paying school fees and providing scholastic opportunities to children, including Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), War-affected families, and HIV severely affected families.


Child Rehabilitation

Many children are vulnerable in our own community and beyond. These include homeless children living on the streets and those coming from broken families. In the past we have also worked with internally displaced children and families and refugees, and we will continue that work in the future. Our activities for these children include counseling and devotions, and as well as re-uniting and resettling when needed.

Evangelism Projects

Through the Jesus Film Project and our South Sudan Mission, we are engaged in discipleship, evangelism, and mercy ministries in the name of Christ, to communities in Uganda and South Sudan. 

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