Sharing the Love of Christ in Uganda

YAHWEH FOUNDATION is a Charitable Community Organization committed in Sharing the LOVE of CHRIST with Everyone everywhere! We are based in Gulu City while reaching out into the vulnerable communities of Northern Uganda and Eastern Equatorial State of South Sudan.

We are Non-Profit Company registered by Ugandan government with a registration number: 800 2000 220 4578



Our Programs

Yahweh maintains a number of ongoing projects, and is also constantly planning for the months and years ahead to see how we can better serve our community. Our main projects areas are Community Empowerment Projects, Rehabilitation Projections, and Evangelical Mission Projects.

Community Empowerment Projects

Our Community Empowerment Projects (CEP) include our Economic Empowerment Projects, Vocational Skills Projects, and Scholarship Projects.

Rehabilitation Projects

Our Child Rehabilitation Project (CRP) includes counseling, devotions, and numerous other activities to support homeless and displaced children.

Evangelical Mission Projects

Our Evangelical Mission Projects include the Jesus’ Film Project, South Sudan Mission, and other planned projects for the near future

Empowering the vulnerable

Yahweh Foundation is working with children and families who are in the most vulnerable situations to equip them with the training and resources that they need to meet their short-term and long-term needs

Building toward self-sustainability

Through its various programs, Yahweh Foundation is increasing each year the percentage of its funding that it can provide from its projects. This is an important step for us to take as we seek ways to expand our outreach and to meet the needs of even more vulnerable children and families in our community.

Families Supported

Scholarships Provided

Crops Farmed

We are looking to see how we can help every person understand their value.

Latest Updates

Yahweh Foundation is very committed to keeping our supporters and partnered informed of what we are doing. Below you may view some of our latest quarterly reports. We hope that you will contact us if we can provide any more information. 

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